Well Done Year 10

Congratulations Year 10!! Well done on reaching the end of the Year 10 mock exam week! Take time over the next couple of weeks to recharge your batteries as you have worked really hard this term and you should be very proud of yourselves! I’m sure that all of your extra effort and hard work will pay off in the long run and you will achieve great things!

As a little Easter reminder – term starts again on Monday 28th April and let’s start the term off on a high with the second English literature exam from 9:40 – 11:10. Please ensure that you are rested and fully prepared for the final term of Year 10.

Have a great Easter!!

Mr Johnson, Head of Year 10

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Countdown to Year 10 exam week – Monday 7th April

Year 10 exams start next week with exams taking place throughout the week from Monday until Friday. Make sure you check your exam timetable carefully, there is a copy also available on the blog for you to check. Seating plans for each exam can be found outside the hall on the day of the exam so make sure you check that you know where you are sitting and that you arrive on time!!

Over the weekend, also make sure that you are fully equipped for the exam with all of the following:
A pen + atleast 1 spare
A pencil
A highlighter
A rubber
A calculator (this is essential for Friday’s maths exam)
A ruler

If you have a pencil case and are planning on using this in exams, you are only allowed clear/ see through pencil cases all others will not be allowed out in the hall.

All exams will take place in the hall unless otherwise specified. When entering the hall, you must do so in silence and place all bags and belongings at the back or in your locker. Phones must be switched off and kept in bags or lockers. You are not allowed to have phones on you, even if they are switched off!!!

Finally and most importantly – Over the weekend do some revision but take time to relax and next week show your teachers just how good you can be!!!!


Mr Johnson, Head of Year 10

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Year 10 Science Exam – Double Award

All students who are currently studying two GCSE Science qualifications at Southam College are due to be examined this Summer for their first GCSE – OCR GCSE Science B.

All students will complete two exams during the Year 10 exams week (w/c 7th April 2014):

7th April 2014 AM – B1, C1, P1.
10th April 2014 AM – B2, C2, P2.

Students will complete their actual GCSE exams as follows:

19th May 2014 PM – B1, C1, P1
6th June 2014 PM – B2, C2, P2

Mr R Holt, KS4 Science Coordinator

y10 exam

German Exchange – Day 8

Today the 2nd half of the group visited the bakery to see Bretzeln being made! They then spent some time in lessons with their German partners, experiencing the differences of schools and lessons in Germany.

After a teary goodbye and a smooth journey home (including lots of singing of German pop songs they picked up during the week!), we have all arrived safely back in Southam.

Mrs Bonser and I (along with the German teachers) would like to take this opportunity to thank the students for their excellent behaviour, great enthusiasm and brilliant attitudes throughout the week. Thank you also to the parents for being so punctual this evening. We hope that the students had a great time and if they are not already aware then please note that the dates of the Germans’ visit to England will be Weds 15th-Weds 22nd October 2014.

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German Exchange – Day 7

Today was another super sonnig day in Germany! Half the group visited a nearby bakery (Bäckerei) to see and learn how traditional pretzels (Bretzeln) and breadrolls (Brötchen) are made! They then got to try some of the bakery’s products – lecker!

Later they had games and sport outside with their German partners and in the evening all the German and English students, together with their German host families, gathered together for our Abschlussabend (leaving party!). The German families have outdone themselves once again with the delicious home made food they contributed for the party! The students had a great evening and Sophie even treated us to a bit of her lovely piano playing!

We will all be sad to leave tomorrow! We are flying from Stuttgart at 8pm and our estimated arrival time at school is 10.15pm, but please do check the website for updates.

Gute Nacht!

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German Exchange Trip – Day 6

The students (and teachers!) have had a brilliant weekend here in Deutschland! Most visited Stuttgart or Heidelberg to see the cities, go shopping or visit the castles! They’ve been swimming and having BBQs and generally enjoying the lovely weather!

Today we had a group trip with all the German and English students to Mannheim, where they had a town tour, visiting the main streets and squares, the church (die Jesuitenkirche) the historic water tower (der Wasserturm) and the castle (Barockschloss Mannheim). Then they had some free time for shopping and to eat some typical German food for lunch.

Bis später!

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Sports Leaders



Friday saw the third Sports Leaders assessments, where Lauren Mann, Paige Adams, Jade Childs, Georgia Bound, Maddy Wakelin and Nikki Simpson donned their t-shirts and braved the cold netball courts to complete their assessment with Year 7. Things soon warmed up as each sports leader led an excellent well planned session, enjoyed by all involved. Well done everybody.


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German Exchange Trip – Day 3

Freitag 28. März

Today we have had a lovely sunny walk through Lauffen to the town hall to visit the Mayor of Lauffen (Der Bürgermeister!) who told us all about the town’s history! Then we went ice skating! We have had a great time!
Schönes Wochenende!


German Exchange Trip – Day 3

Donnerstag 27. März: On Tuesday we had a town tour of Lauffen; seeing some lovely views over the River Neckar, an old prison cell, climbing the tower of the castle and enjoying the sunshine!
Today we are visiting the mayor of Lauffen and going ice skating in Heilbronn. Viel Spaß!

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Sports Leaders

A huge well done to Thursday’s Year 10 sports leaders. Thursday was the turn of Bay Toner, Morgan Mansfield, Bethan McDaid, Lauren Grant, Katie Butlin and Lee Edgar. All sessions were well thought through, organised and well planned. Brilliant behaviour from the year 7s and excellent leadership from the Year 10s. Well done all! Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 15.13.01

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 15.12.47

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German Exchange Trip – Day 2

After their first night with their host families, the students all met up together this morning for some home made German food (kindly brought in by the German students) and some Kennenlernspiele! (Ice breaker games!) They spoke (auf deutsch, natürlich!) to each other about their interests, hobbies, families, favourite things etc and then had a competition (England .v. Deutschland) to see who had found out the most!! Wir haben viel Spaß gehabt!
Später haben wir eine Stadtführung in Lauffen…we’re going on a town tour of Lauffen.

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Year 10 Rugby

Tonight the Year 10 Squad maintained their 100% record in this tournament with wins over Heart of England, NLS and Aylesford.
The boys played some outstanding rugby in conditions that made it difficult in the offload. Unfortunately an injury to Connor Keyte had the lads worried but with the win and their best wishes I’m sure he’ll make a speedy recovery.
Captain and Coaches player of the tournament goes to Raven Thomas for his impact in the breakdown and yards gained. Despite it being a squad performance special mention for Lewis Connon; Bay Toner and Louie Farndon.

Great to watch and well done again.

Year 10 Sports Leaders

sport leaders

Last week marked the start of the Year 10 Sports Leaders Assessments. Joe Tresadern, Will Fenton, Raven Thomas, Morgan Reeves, Clarissa Horn and Theo Wakelin kicked of with the first Basketball session with 30 Year 7′s. The Sports Leaders were fantastic, and all showed great confidence, maturity, and enthusiam.

Well Done

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Year 10 Football

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 07.52.25


The Year 10 Football team beat North Leamington School 4-2, with goals from J Squirrel, F Wilde, M Reeves and M Rose on Tuesday evening. A great team effort boys, it made a super end to mine and Mr Johnson’s day!

Miss Mason

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All students in Year 9 and Year 10 who will be going on the German Exchange next week, are invited to attend a short session after-school to help them practise and learn vocabulary they may need for the German Exchange trip.

Come to ML1 at 3.45pm for between 30 and 45mins – there will be German refreshments! Miss Mulligan.

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Student Book Review

Literacy Focus

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 06.49.08“One Day in Oradour” is a fascinating insight into the brutality of human nature. I really enjoyed reading it and it reduced me to tears. The characters were so realistic and you could easily picture each one in your head. This isn’t the kind of book I would usually pick up to read but, once I got into it, I really enjoyed the truthful storyline. I would recommend this book to people who are fascinated by human nature or want to know the truth behind the Terror State.

Abigail Kitchener (10WE7)