A Great Start!

We are two weeks into the most important year of your education so far and want to say well done for having such a positive approach to this challenge. We have heard so many great comments from your teachers and have been impressed with your work ethic when we have been into classes. Mock Exams are only 8 school weeks away (17th November) so remember to start your revision for these over the next couple of weeks.
Keep up the hard work!
Miss Mason, Mr Johnson and Mrs Bretherton

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IMPORTANT – Science Message


B1 test on all the Biology you learnt in Year 9 will be during your first Science lesson of next week. This is for all Year 10 students as well as 11SA1, 11SA2, 11SA3, 11SB3.

Make sure you have collected your set of revision cards from you Science Teacher

Click link below and print double sided to make your own revision cards


Science at Southam

Mr Matthews Year 11 Science group carried out some heart dissections on Monday as part of their Biology lesson. Dissections are a great way to learn about anatomical features in physical detail and as you can see, despite some initial squeamishness, their surgical skills were very impressive.

Well done Year 11

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The renewal of your child’s locker for the next academic year is now overdue. The fee for this is £5. If your child wishes to keep their locker next year, please send in payment in a named envelope and post it into the green box beside the Student Office by Monday 14th July or ask them to hand in their payment to somebody in the Student Office.

We have several students on the waiting list for a locker so it is important the renewal is received by the above date. If payment is not received, the locker will be emptied of any contents so that the lock can be changed and the locker allocated to another student. Any unclaimed items left in lockers will be put in Lost Property.

If your child does not require their locker next year they can hand their key in to the Student Office and they will receive their £5 deposit back. If they have lost their key can they please let somebody in the Student Office know.

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