Outstanding Citizenship Coursework

Year 11 Sam has completed the “sustainable house” as part of his Citizenship coursework. The project included mini solar panels and water butts in an attempt to promote renewable energy and sustainability. Well done Sam for being so creative – keep up the brilliant work!

Miss Bennett

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German Exchange return leg – final update!

After a brilliant weekend by all accounts, the German and English students joined together for a trip to Stratford upon Avon, home of William Shakespeare! They spent the morning at Tudor World, taking part in three interactive workshops; visiting the museum to learn about Tudor history, taking a look at weapons and torture implements used in a crime and punishment session, and perfecting the art of Elizabethan Theatre with a drama workshop! Highlights included…Ellie Whitehead being put in the stocks, and the year 10 girls practising their best Shakespearian English!

On Tuesday, the German students visited Leamington and completed a town trail! Well done to partners of Hannah Wright, Sarah Dimambro-Denson and Beth Ovens, who won the competition for the most correct answers and for finding out so much about Leamington!

To finish off a brilliant week, on Tuesday evening we had a leaving meal and party for all the German and English students, along with their host families and siblings! Thank you so much to the students and parents for providing such brilliant food contributions for this party – they really outdid themselves!

After a teary goodbye this afternoon, the German students (and teachers) have now landed safely in Germany, and arrived in Lauffen.

I hope that both groups of students had a fantastic week, and that they benefitted from the experience! Thank you for hosting, and for your impeccable behaviour this week!

Thank you very much to the host families for being so generous and hospitable, to the PE department for arranging the trampolining, to the languages department for their help, and particularly Miss Galvin and Ms French for taking trips!

We hope to see even more Y9 and Y10 students taking part next year!!


Webb Ellis Trip

Those students who are attending the trip Friday, please arrive at normal time in non school uniform – you do not need to attend AM registration, simply meet out the front of school where you will be registered on the coaches.
We will be back around 7:30pm, we will let you inform parents or people collecting you on the way back.
You will need to bring your own lunch, or money to purchase lunch on the day – please be sensible with amounts of money.

For students not attending the trip, the arrangements are as follows:

AM and PM register in the Library.

Year 7 Students from WE1 and WE2 to go with WG1 for the day:
1. English
2. IT
3. Life Skills
4. Library
5. History

Year 8 Students from WE3 and WE4 go with GV3 for the day:
1. Maths
2. Library
3. Science
4. Music
5. History

Year 9 Students from WE5 and WE6 to go with WG5 for the day:
1. Library
2. English
3. IT
4. Life Skills
5. Drama

Year 10 Students to attend lessons as normal, AM and PM registration to go to WE8 – ML2

Year 11 Students to attend lessons as normal, AM and PM registration to go to WE10 – E3

Year 12/13 Students attend lessons as normal, AM Registration – Assembly, PM registration to go to WE12 – S2.

Mr Cooper, Head of Webb Ellis


Year 11 Half Term Revision

Calendar for tomorrow on white background. Isolated 3D image

With only 24 days until the Year 11 Mock Exams students should be planning their revision for half term. All students have a copy of the attached revision schedule which they should be completing and having signed each day that they do revision during half term. Completed sheets should be given to tutors on Monday 3rd November to be entered in to a raffle to win a free yearbook and leavers hoodie!
Students should ensure that they have appropriate revision materials and information from teachers before we break up for half term.
Miss Mason

Half Term Revision Plan for Year 11 Sheet

Science Department Message

This video shows you how to access past papers and mark schemes from the OCR website. The Science Department use these past papers for your mini tests.
Try to complete some of these as part of your revision to help boost your grade.

The Science Department

Philosophy and Ethics Message

Don’t forget to complete your ‘E’ question of the week on medical ethics and also Philosophy and Ethics revision for the mock exam in room P2 today.

Please use the revision guide to cover topics in detail and ask your Philosophy teacher any questions.

pi rev buttonn

Mrs Thomas

English Department Message

AQA Higher Language Mock Exam Revision Material Now Available on the English section of the school website.
Please use these materials as part of your preparation for the mock exam. If you have a go at a past question, please bring it in for your teacher to mark.
If there are any resources that you would like to be added or have any ideas for revision strategies, please get in touch – we are keen to tailor the resources to your needs.

The revision section is password protected. Please ask any English teacher for the password.

eng web area1

German Exchange Return Leg so far…!

This week, Y10 and Y11 students of German are hosting 21 lovely pupils from Hölderlin Gymnasium in Lauffen am Neckar, near Stuttgart in Germany. The students will be taking part in a range of trips and activities and we hope they will all benefit from this week, both culturally and linguistically.

The group arrived on Wednesday afternoon and were met eagerly by their English exchange partners (and were even welcomed by a whole host of Y11 students!)
On Wednesday, they attended a get together in the evening, and seemed to enjoy catching up with each other after the 7 months apart, since the English students’ visit to Germany back in March.

On Thursday morning, the students were treated to a session of trampolining, run by Mr. Elkerton and Mr Eadon, and in the afternoon they attended an informative talk at the Grange Hall in Southam and completed a short historical tour of the town! They seemed to understand a great deal of the English spoken, which is a credit to their brilliant English teachers (Herr Holfelder, Frau Wacker) etc!!

On Friday, the German students spent the day in Birmingham, sampling the delights of a certain typically British chocolate and visiting the city! The evening ended with a bowling trip, along with their English partners, where they seemed to have plenty of fun!

We wish them a fantastic weekend with their partners and host families – many of them seem to have some great activities planned for them!

Schönes Wochenende!

Year 11 French Writing Assessment

Ms Fleming’s Year 11 French class will be doing their next Writing Assessment on Thursday 23rd October Day 9 Lesson 5

Topic: School and Career Plans

This is worth 15% of your GCSE so do your very best to prepare!

Bon courage!