The renewal of your child’s locker for the next academic year is now overdue. The fee for this is £5. If your child wishes to keep their locker next year, please send in payment in a named envelope and post it into the green box beside the Student Office by Monday 14th July or ask them to hand in their payment to somebody in the Student Office.

We have several students on the waiting list for a locker so it is important the renewal is received by the above date. If payment is not received, the locker will be emptied of any contents so that the lock can be changed and the locker allocated to another student. Any unclaimed items left in lockers will be put in Lost Property.

If your child does not require their locker next year they can hand their key in to the Student Office and they will receive their £5 deposit back. If they have lost their key can they please let somebody in the Student Office know.

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Year 10 Rounders

Year 10 Rounders Team absolutely amazing result against Princethorpe 20 – 10.5. #superb #proudaspunch.

Well done girls, oustanding yet again. Miss Evans

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P.E. Message

Year 7, 8, 9, 10 away at Princethorpe
The above year groups have an away fixture away at Princethorpe on Wednesday. Students will be required to change in the gym AFTER PM registration, ready to leave school by approx 3.40. Students will return to school around 6.00pm, so transport from school is required. Please see team sheets on the gym notice board.

Year 10 Immersion Day 1

Year 10 will be enjoying 4 immersion days over the next few weeks where they will be spending a whole day in each of their option subjects. The first day today saw some fantastic cookng, great carpentry skills as well history, geography, photography coursework sessions amongst many others. In particular, massive congratulations to 10B geography who showed fantastic effort with thier coursework projects from Marle Hall! A great effort all round, option D tomorrow!!!

Mr Johnson

Marle Hall Part 2 Day 3

Six consecutive days of sunshine must be a record for a Geography fieldtrip, but that’s what we have had! Today, the second group worked hard to collect their data in Betws-y-coed, and then had a walk up the beautiful Nant Ffrancon valley. The others tackled Snowdon in fantastic style, with some of them even having the time (and energy!) to summit Lliwedd. Once again, the students have been a credit to themselves and the College, taking the coursework data collection and classroom sessions seriously, and were great fun in between.

Manifestos – Student Council

Year 10 Manifestos

Candidate A

If I were to be year president I would get right to it and organise events to make our last year at Southam memorable for all the right reasons. I would take on board any ideas you have in mind because I like to think that I am approachable and friendly and you can confide in me.

Year 11 for some of us is our last year in Southam, so you need the best year president for the last important year in Southam College.

I’m 5’2” and the right year president for you.


Candidate B

This year and next are very important for Year 10 student, with lots of decisions to make. Heading into our last year, many opportunities are available to us, however we need someone to voice our choices. Some who is responsible, strong, organised and get things done our way! That person is me. I will listen to everyone’s ideas and combine them to create great opportunities.

I will do my very best to achieve what we want and the way we want it. Vote me into the council and let’s make our last year the best it can, full of great opportunities and events.


Candidate C

I would want to represent year 11 and make it the year of change. Give us students something to look forward to after working hard, and give us a sense of motivation. Help direct the pathway that we all chose to take and make it feel less impossible. I would want to focus on the technique of teamwork to bring us to where our ambitions are. By doing this I would want to participate and give my own opinions as well as listening to others to give them the best chance of changing how the school system works. I want to be able to in gage and help others to the best of my ability and hopefully make a difference to school life, by taking the problems and manipulating them into advantages. As this is the last chance of our year being all together, isn’t it time to make some memories and actually want to make a difference?


Candidate D

I am running as Year President for Year 11 because I feel I can very effectively represent the year group in presenting your views.

I am a great communicator, listener, and friend to many of you and I really want to show how much I care by taking up this role.

I promise to take time to understand your views on all aspects of life at Southam College and take those views to the co-ordinators and upwards to Mr Samra. I will share with you all of the feedback that we receive from the meetings to help you understand what is happening in and around the school.

Please vote for me.


Candidate E

I as your current President and hopefully future president will continue to reign over the school and bring prosperity to the future year 11. This year we have managed to achieve great items and have had many successes and these will continue as I work ahead to a better future.


Candidate F

Year 11 is the most important year for many students. If not before, this is the time in which we settle down into the routine of school life and try our hardest to complete homeworks, attend revision sessions and make sure that we achieve what we deserve in our GCSE, something that sets us up for our future life and defines who we are. And so it only seems fitting that, we who have worked so hard, are treated fairly by all the staff and are allowed to work in an environment that suits our needs. As a student councillor, I will work tirelessly to ensure that what you want is what you get, in order to achieve your full potential. I am punctual, interested in the job, and am confident when arguing about something for which I feel so passionately about.  I would like the job because I feel that I suit the role well, and can learn about many of your opinions in the process. And if you want to vote for other candidates, then that’s fine, because this is about what you want from a councillor. However, if you want a persistent, strong willed and defiant individual to represent your year, then look no further, because I believe there is potential in everybody.


Marle Hall Part 2 Day 2

The group split in half today; Mrs Cumberbatch lead the charge up Snowdon, while Ms Townly tackled the tourists in Betws-y-coed to collect the essential fieldwork data. The pictures speak for themselves about the challenges and the rewards of reaching England and Wales’ highest point. Jack Miles stands out for a particular mention due to his fantastic effort and positive attitude.